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More love!

Well, love is in the air at the moment – as I wrote that last post of mine a friend in the office was being proposed to by her lovely boyfriend so conversation has been UBER wedding and all rather fabulous :) Read More »


Aw, love – isn’t that the whole point of it all anyway?

I’ve just discovered an awesome website about just that – is a site you sign up to receive a daily quote, your little email glow of love for the day.  I haven’t written for a while and plan to get some awesome bridal tips out there to help make planning that special day a little bit easier – my main point today, however, is enjoy the ride your’e on – this one just keeps on going, and keeps on giving waaaaaaay past the vows and the party.  Love is just awesome!!!

Stunning photos from an amazing wedding day

Remember our excited bride to be Serena? A few months ago we chatted about the stresses and planning in the build up to her big day at Dunblane Hydro. (read her interview here)

Well, she did it! A married lady with some seriously stunning photos which she’s kindly shared with us. We’ll be doing a wee catch up courtesy of the review soon but I just couldn’t help but post some of these lovely photos from her day. Read More »

Flowers for a Spring wedding

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, when hedgerows are starting to turn green and there are some stunning seasonal flowers in bloom. As a time of new beginnings and new life – what better season to hold your wedding day. Okay, so in Scotland you aren’t always guaranteed fabulous weather but hey when can you right?! If simplicity and natural style is your intention, with your bouquet, flower girls, table decorations or pew flowers – springtime offers so many gorgeous choices in as many colours as you care to imagine so for spring wedding flower ideas, look no further. Here’s a quick guide to the the best of British in Springtime… Read More »

First look shots? Crazy tradition smashing or fab twist on pics?

First look photos are taken of the bride and groom in their finery on the wedding day but BEFORE the ceremony. Craziness or a lovely modern idea to capture beautiful intimate shots? Read More »

What’s all this Leap Year shizzle anyway?

So a Leap Year falls every 4 years and has an extra one day to keep us in line with the seasons. Although the origins aren’t clear further back than the 19th century, in cultures around the world, the Leap year and more specifically the extra day on Feb 29th has become associated with the day traditional roles can reverse and women can propose to their gentlemen. Does the very idea fill you with dread or is it mildly appealing? Read on lovely lady… and we’ll fill you in.

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Love in a cold climate

Love is certainly in the air despite the winter chill according to our traffic reports and the numbers of couples searching online for the perfect wedding venue is on the up. Read More »

Bride-to-be Serena on her wedding plans and stresses

We chatted to upcoming bride Serena to find out exactly how her wedding plans for her May wedding to Graham are coming along, what’s stressing her out and what is making her smile. With the countdown well and truly on the way and the big day booked for Lecropt Kirk in Bridge of Allan and then onto Dunblane Hydro, just how excited is she?! Read More »

Ten top tips for a luxury wedding without the price tag

When planning your wedding day, the focus of most brides is how to make it beautiful and how to make it entirely yours – add in the current pressures of living in a recession and you can get in a bit of a pickle. However, there are things you can do to make you day fabulous and on budget… We’ve collated ten top tips when planning the wedding of your dreams. Read More »

Whisky at Scottish weddings

Random post on MSN this week says that in the West Coast of Scotland the tradition of drinking whisky on the hour throughout the day still stands – I’ve never heard of this! Is it still true? Has it ever been true, or is it just a random mad- up fact :)   Read More »